Celebrating 100 years of Commitment to the Carolinas

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Together, Our Story Continues…

As our centennial anniversary in 2024 draws near, we at The Duke Endowment are deeply grateful to you, our partners, with whom we’ve worked to enrich lives and strengthen communities for generations of Carolinians. Your collaboration and contributions continue to be vital to realizing Mr. Duke’s vision.

To celebrate a century of working together, the Endowment is gathering 100 stories to honor the people, organizations and communities that have brought us this far. The stories will:

  • Highlight our collaborations to nurture children, promote health, educate minds and enrich spirits.
  • Represent the full, rich diversity of people in our communities and the distinct character of the urban and rural places in which they live.
  • Include short video and audio stories, written narratives and photographs, and will be shared throughout 2024.

We Need Your Help

We are looking for your stories from across the decades to help us fully tell the Endowment’s story. As you think back on our work together, consider the categories and topics below as starting points.

People and Communities

  • Highlight an individual’s (or family’s) life and how it was touched or changed through a program supported by the Endowment.
  • Profile an inspiring staff person, volunteer or board member from an earlier era of your organization.
  • Illustrate a fruitful working relationship with an Endowment program officer.

Achievements and Impact

  • Showcase significant projects or specific events from your organization that marked a time of great impact.
  • Lift up success in reaching a critical milestone, such as opening a new facility or launching a new program that made a difference in your work and mission.
  • Demonstrate how your organization was able to address a specific challenge facing the community with support from your Endowment partners.

Innovation and Learning

  • Describe innovative solutions, programs or approaches supported by the Endowment that have been pivotal to your organization’s mission, growth and effectiveness, and/​or to the community.
  • Convey how work with the Endowment informs your perspectives on community needs and solutions.
  • Reflect institutional learning and perspectives that have grown through our work together.

Next Steps

The Duke Endowment is working with Solid, a North Carolina-based communications agency, to manage and produce these stories. Do you have a story idea?

  • Complete the short form below.
  • Wait to be contacted by Tracy Russ (Solid) who will follow up to schedule a call, answer questions and explore your story idea with you.
  • Share information about this story collection effort with others who may also have a story to tell. To print, or send this information as an email attachment, download a PDF.