Starting the Conversation

Starting the Conversation

Since 1924, the Endowment has been on a journey with the people of the Carolinas to improve lives and communities by nurturing children, improving health, fostering education and strengthening rural United Methodist churches. This journey is guided by the direction set by our founder, James B. Duke. 

Importantly, it has also been richly informed by innovative and passionate partners, including the grantees that bring our investments to life, the many people touched by their work, and our peers and collaborators across the philanthropy, business and public sectors.

To be sure, the Carolinas face many serious challenges – disparities in education, barriers to quality health care and nutritious food, and insufficient services for children, to name a few. But ours is a journey of hope for a better future for the Carolinas, and our travel companions are strong. I am confident that together, we are equal to the challenges in our midst and those yet unknown.

Today, we introduce this blog as a new vehicle for sharing and learning – a resource to all. We plan to offer insights and ideas gained from our own grant making as well as latest developments at the Endowment. We also expect to use this blog as a forum for spotlighting promising new models and relevant research from here in the Carolinas and beyond.

We hope that you will find the content interesting and helpful to your work, your life, your leg of this journey. We invite you to comment and contribute to what we hope will be a lively, enlightening and ongoing conversation that lights the way for future good work.