Additional Focus

The Duke Endowment, through its strategic emphasis on early childhood and other emerging issues, seeks to continuously adapt to meet today’s challenges, even as we honor our founder’s mandate.

The Duke Endowment recognizes that there are tangible, real-world needs in the Carolinas that extend beyond the focus of our charter. Today’s challenges need today’s solutions, and The Duke Endowment provides support where additional focus can make a difference.

Special Initiatives Director Meka Sales explains the Endowment’s strategic focus on early childhood

Our Strategic Focus on Ages Zero to Eight

We believe that a good beginning for children bodes well for their lives as adults and for their communities. The Duke Endowment is committed to making that a reality.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Duke Endowment is systematically reviewing our work through the lenses of racial equity, diversity and inclusion lens.

Our COVID-19 Work

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as needs grow and new challenges emerge, our grantees and partners across the Carolinas — with support from The Duke Endowment — continue to nurture children, strengthen health care, educate minds and enrich spiritual life.