Health Care

The Duke Endowment believes that maintaining health over time is dependent on a person’s ability to lead a healthy lifestyle and access essential health care services. We support reforms that ensure an individual’s basic medical and social needs are met, so they can enjoy the best health possible.


Despite advances in medicine and care delivery, significant health disparities exist based on race, gender, insurance status, income and where someone lives. Affecting and sustaining systemic change requires innovation, evidence building and collaboration between health care providers and other sectors.


We work as an innovating partner with local, state and national stakeholders to identify, test and spread innovative models that improve health and promote health equity. We know that the transformations we seek are complicated and will take time.

Our Focus

We aim to improve the health of Carolinians by exploring how integrated health systems can partner with other stakeholders in their communities, reduce barriers to care and promote healthy behaviors. We want to reduce inequities that have been exacerbated by factors including race, income and where a person lives.


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Enhance Patient Care

We work with health systems and their community-based partners to identify, test, and spread innovative practices that have the potential for scale and sustainability. We prioritize models that build capacity to provide essential health and social services to vulnerable populations. We know that by providing access to culturally appropriate care — at the right time and place —health improves.

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Improve Community Health

We advance programs and policies that promote healthy lifestyles and address social determinants of health. We create opportunities for collaboration to meet community needs and ensure local voices inform improvements. We prioritize data collection and sharing so that partners are better equipped to identify opportunities and target interventions.

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Select 501(c)(3) organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina may be eligible to receive funding.

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Project Details

Project Details

Advancing Mental Health Services

The lack of access to mental health and substance abuse treatment services throughout the Carolinas significantly impacts the health of individuals, families and communities. The Health Care program area seeks to identify service delivery models that promote mental health and well-being for adults, adolescents and children, with a priority on holistic approaches to early intervention and treatment.

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Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

Over 90 percent of counties in the Carolinas have at least one partial designation as a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). The Health Care program area seeks to ensure an adequate diverse workforce that can address critical shortage areas, maldistribution of staff and support new complementary personnel models.

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Improving Oral Health

Poor oral health can result in lower quality of life and poor health outcomes. It can negatively impact self-esteem, employability and the ability to learn. The Duke Endowment seeks to improve the oral health delivery system throughout North Carolina and South Carolina to ensure every adult and child has access to essential dental services.

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Improving Population Health

As the United States advances value-based payment methodology, the Health Care program area is building capacity at the state, regional and local level to link government, health, and social services so that Carolinians have the opportunity to increase healthy behaviors and address their social needs.

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AccessHealth — Networks of Care for the Low-Income, Uninsured

The AccessHealth initiative launched in 2008 to reduce health disparities, improve clinical outcomes, decrease avoidable hospital use and expand access to care among low-income, uninsured adults.

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Expanding Access to Care for Vulnerable Populations

Across the Carolinas, too many vulnerable residents lack insurance or go underserved. The Health Care program area seeks to reduce health disparities, improve clinical outcomes and reduce inappropriate hospital utilization by increasing access to essential services for low-income uninsured adults and underserved populations.

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Health Care Grants

For a full list of our 2022 grants, see the 2022 Annual Report Grantmaking Addendum. Many of these grants represent multi-year commitments.

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